About Us

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

The San Antonio Alliance of Teachers and Support Personnel is the elected employee union in the San Antonio Independent School District.

In addition to our strong local organization, we are affiliated with the National Education Association (NEA), Texas State Teachers Association (TSTA), the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), Texas AFT. and the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO).

We are composed of 2,500 SAISD employees and together, we fight to make a difference for our students and community.


Our Values

A Social Justice Narrative

We are committed to social justice and equity for our students, their families, and our community.

As a diverse and inclusive union, we work for a just and equitable society for all. We advocate for equitable access to opportunities and resources for our students and their families. We fight for schools that lead the struggle against all forms of discrimination and oppression. We fight for the schools that our communities envision, that our students deserve, and on which a democratic society depends.

We are committed to high quality teaching and services that meet our students’ needs.

We believe that all students can succeed. As educators, we work in partnership with parents and community members to ensure that our students fulfill their potential as informed, engaged, productive members of our communities. We work to help our students grow into global citizens, equipped with the skills they need to thrive in an interconnected 21st Century world, and to provide a caring, supportive environment that is safe and welcoming for each of our students and their families. We value the contributions of all school district employees and believe that highly skilled professionals are vital to the complex task of educating our students. Our students must be educated by a talented and diverse professional community with the knowledge and experience to understand how to meet our students’ needs. It is central to our work that we help, develop and support highly effective teachers and support personnel.

We value each of our students and embrace their uniqueness.

We understand that our students are unique individuals with diverse needs. We are committed to embracing their uniqueness, and to providing high quality instruction that meets their academic, social,and emotional needs. We are lifelong learners, researching and implementing proven best practices as we seek to foster joy in learning, and self-motivation in our students. Our students are multifaceted, and their growth and success are best measured by the quality of their character and the contributions they make to the community.

We believe in the power of collective action to bring about positive change for our students, our schools, and our community.

As union members, we work to build our capacity for collective action in our workplaces and the communities we serve. Our union is democratically structured, and we seek to model the power of solidarity as we work towards our shared goals. We believe in the inherent value of every individual,value diversity of thought and experience, and celebrate the individual contributions of our members.

We believe in the interconnectedness and interdependence of schools and communities.

At the core of our work are relationships that extend beyond the walls of our schools; networks of communication, support and solidarity between students, families and the community in which they live. We understand that successful relationships are built on reciprocity, mutual aid, and shared leadership. We understand that by empowering schools we empower communities, and vice versa, and we believe that by working together we can create a more just and equitable society for all.