Early Release Day Guidelines

In August and again last week, Deputy Superintendent Emilio Castro sent principals a memo regarding early release days. Click here for the memo:

Campuses are not required to fit every single subject into the school day, as long as instruction is the focus of the four hours of the day. Campuses are encouraged to use their creativity to structure a day that is engaging for students. Many campuses had poor attendance on early release days last school year. If the day is designed so that it is fun and exciting and something students won’t want to miss, attendance will improve.

The time after the students leave is to be used, at the individual teacher’s discretion, for planning and collaboration. Principals must ensure that all teachers receive their state-mandated 450 minutes of planning/prep time in a two-week period. This may require adjustments to the schedule on the early release day or in the weeks before or after the early release day.

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Rock the VOTE & then Rock a SELFIE!

How do I participate in this contest: STEP 1: Go Vote (either during EARLY VOTING 10/20—10/31 OR on ELECTION DAY 11/4) STEP 2: Take a selfie of yourself  with your “I VOTED sticker” and post it to the Alliance Facebook Page OR email it to katyg@sanantonioalliance.org. (Do not take the selfie at your polling place, that is not allowed). STEP 3: Wait patiently. We will announce the winner at the November 19th Member Benefits Presentation at the  Alliance Office. The winner will receive a $50 HEB gift card!

Click here to view all Bexar County early voting locations.

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October Events

Tuesday October 21st from 4:45pm-6pm: Bilingual Teacher Meeting – We have heard numerous concerns from bilingual teachers regarding cuts to their supply budgets, new coaches, etc… Please attend so we can gather all concerns and discuss next steps.

Wednesday, October 22nd from 4:45-6:00 pm: Librarian Task Force Meeting – Librarians who have volunteered for the task force are invited to attend.

Thursday October 23rd from 5pm-6pm:
 Know Your Rights Session - Come and learn more about education laws, board policies, and procedures. Professional employees, paraprofessionals, and classified employees will learn all about their rights.

Saturday, October 25th from 1pm-3pm: Support Personnel Forum – All paraprofessional and classified employees are welcome to learn more about the Alliance’s work on the living wage campaign and our efforts to bring an anti-bullying campaign to SAISD.

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Special Education – staff, time, communication, training

Last May, the Alliance Special Education Action Team submitted numerous proposals to address ongoing concerns from Special Education teachers. A separate Consultation-related meeting has been scheduled to discuss the proposals, which include recommendations in the areas of staff, time, communication, and training.

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Breakfast in the Classroom rosters

Food service managers have expressed concerns about the BIC rosters being turned in blank, incomplete, or improperly filled out. The rosters are accompanied with specific instructions that need to be followed. This is vital to the continued funding for the program.

Many SAISD students are prone to “transient hunger,” which can significantly impact student learning.  The Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC) program is an approach to help address this situation.

The BIC roster has changed from last year to this year and some teachers may not have realized there were changes. Additionally, some of the roster problems are occurring when there is a substitute teacher in a classroom. The administration conducted training for subs last year and has committed to update the training for this year to address the new form.

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Fire extinguisher training

For the past year, the Alliance has been advocating for hands-on fire extinguisher training for Food Services staff. Last year the district began to move away from a video training approach to more hands-on training. Consultation discussions resulted in the district working towards building the capacity within the district to be able to offer the training rather than having to use an outside entity.

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