Make your voice heard!

How to submit public comments to the SAISD Board of Trustees

Regular Board meetings are held on the second and third Monday of each month. However, meeting dates might change due to conflicts with federal holidays, District holidays, or District-wide events.

To submit a public comment for a Board meeting, you must email the comment to the Sunday before the meeting by 5:00pm. In the subject line of the email, put "Public comment to be read at the [date] Board meeting."

In the email, include the following:

  • your name

  • home address

  • phone number

  • a written statement of your comments

  • the item on the posted open session agenda to which you will address your comments


Meet SAISD Leadership

The following people are the leadership of SAISD. The Board of Trustees are elected positions and the Board is in charge of hiring the Superintendent. SAISD leadership sets policy, adopts budgets, and ultimately create the conditions that all SAISD employees work under.


Pedro Martinez

SAISD Superintendent


Patti Radle

District 5


Arthur V. Valdez
Vice President

District 4


Debra Guerrero

District 3


Alicia Perry

District 2


Christina Martinez

District 6


Ed Garza

District 7