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We’ve lost a member of our union family

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the death of Carmen Canales. Carmen was a special education teacher at Ogden Academy and a member of our SAISD and union family. She was hospitalized in June due to COVID-19 and passed away on July 21, 2020. To our knowledge, this is the first death of an SAISD worker from COVID-19. Carmen was a devoted mother, beloved educator, and respected colleague to so many. Our union grieves with her family, and we send them our love and solidarity at this difficult time.

You can read her obituary and send flowers to her family if you so wish here.

As a union we are bound together by more than just our shared work. Our values of mutual aid and solidarity have never been more important than now, and in the coming weeks we will need each other in ways we’ve never had to imagine.

Moving forward, let us keep Carmen’s memory close. Let it guide us as we work to ensure the safety of our loved ones, our colleagues, our students, and ourselves. Let it foster the connections that are so vital to keeping us safe and grounded during this unprecedented time. Let her memory stand as a constant reminder of why we work in defense of human life.

In solidarity,

San Antonio Alliance of Teachers and Support Personnel

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