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Tell SAISD Leadership: We need the TEA waiver!

Our union continues to call on district and city leaders to prioritize human life in all decisions related to COVID-19. As we have seen across the country, premature school reopenings put lives at risk. While teachers were given the illusion of choice through the Teacher Declarations, our instructional assistants and librarians have not. They are being required to report to campuses as early as this week and are being asked to do numerous tasks, including setting up classrooms that will not have any students in them for weeks to come. While SAISD leadership wants to start “preparing for the green zone to start now,” teachers and support personnel can accomplish this goal by working virtually from home so we can continue to mitigate the amount of community spread and exposure. The COVID-19 situation in San Antonio is still highly precarious. Gathering in congregate settings, especially inside poorly-ventilated buildings is still—and will be for some time—a dangerous activity that will put our students, our coworkers, and our communities at risk of contracting a volatile and potentially deadly virus.  Committing to 8-weeks of distance learning gives us more time to stabilize our local healthcare system and allows students, teachers, and support staff to dedicate themselves to distance learning. The more people afforded the ability to continue to work and learn remotely, the safer we all are. Our union calls on SAISD board members and Superintendent Marinez to follow the lead of other local districts including South San Antonio ISD and Edgewood ISD in applying to TEA for a waiver on face-to-face instruction for the first eight weeks of the new school year.

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