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Reopening Survey and Update

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Reopening Update

Since schools closed in the spring, our union has been fighting for the safety of SAISD students, families, and staff. We helped start a city wide coalition of school workers' unions, community organizations, students, and medical experts to ensure that our reopening plans would be based on public health and not politics. Our members, Executive Council, and Consultation Team have been working with district leadership, including Superintendent Martinez, to determine safe reopening policy for our district. Our Consultation Team will continue this work in a meeting with district leadership scheduled for Monday.

On June 30, we called on district leaders to end all non-essential face-to-face activities taking place in our district until August, and to ensure that protecting human life and the safety of our students, educators, and their families is prioritized over in-person strength and conditioning camps, band camps, Summer Jump Start programming, non-essential campus maintenance and preparation work, and Master Teacher professional development. We understand that most in-person academic and enrichment activities have been canceled for July, and we will be working to ensure that all decisions about face-to-face instruction are made in collaboration with the educators and school workers most directly impacted by them, and that they center the safety of our students and educators.

We have heard from many of our members and community members who have concerns about reopening, and our union wants to include every member in working towards a safe reopening plan consistent with medical science. To that end, we ask that you complete the survey below, which includes a more complete range of choices than the survey sent out by district leadership last week.

While we value parent choice and recognize that for some of our students school may be the safest place for them to spend their day, we refuse to accept a reopening plan that forces schools and school workers to paper over the failures of our leaders’ responses to this public health crisis. We will not be a part of the political game that made our city and our state one of the deadliest centers of a global pandemic. Our lives and the lives of our students and their families are too important. Our union will continue to fight until we can safely reopen our schools, and for that we need all hands on deck. Please fill out our survey and register to attend the membership meeting for your cluster next week.

Click here to complete the reopening survey.

Sign these petitions from our state affiliates:

  1. Gov. Greg Abbott: Pump the brakes on opening schools!

  2. Governor, Be Sure The Schools Are Safe

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