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How To Sign the Teacher Declaration

Last week, SAISD leadership shared a teacher declaration requiring teachers across our district to select a wave in which they would return to work at campuses by early September. We recommended that teachers wait to complete their declaration until we were able to seek legal advice. Our general counsel confirmed that teachers must complete this declaration by August 12, as instructed. This declaration does not serve as a waiver of any sort and does not impact district liability. We continue to maintain that no one should be required to physically report to campuses until certain objective, scientific indicators are met. We advise teachers to indicate as their preference the third and final wave and to add the following language to their declaration: “I should not be required to return to campus before objective scientific indicators confirm that it is safe to do so. Before any staff return to work in campus settings, the positivity rate for COVID-19 in San Antonio should be less than 5%, the doubling rate should be greater than 18  days, and there should be a 14-day downward trend in positive cases or flat at a low level. Submission of this declaration does not waive any of my rights by contract law.” You can respond directly to Ms. Salzmann’s email, or print, write comments on, and then scan and return your declaration.

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