12799315_1737523693145648_4809690852657113379_nOur San Antonio Alliance of Teachers and Support Personnel is our elected employee organization in the San Antonio Independent School District. Our Alliance is our official representative for employees at monthly Consultation meetings with SAISD.

We are a professional organization dedicated to achieving REAL RESULTS for our students and our community. SAISD employees have elected our Alliance as the official representative of district employees. In addition to our strong local organization, we are affiliated with the National Education Association (NEA), Texas State Teachers Association (TSTA), the American Federation of Teachers (AFT)Texas AFT. and the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO).

Our Alliance advocates for the rights of our members which include teachers, certified, paraprofessionals and classified employees. Our Alliance is composed of 2,500 SAISD employees working together to make a difference for our SAISD students.

Our Alliance:

  • Meets monthly with SAISD administration to give an organized voice to SAISD employees.

  • Attends every SAISD School Board meeting, where decisions affecting you and your students are made.

  • Provides professional development to our SAISD employees including Foundations of Effective TeachingManaging Antisocial Behavior, CPR/AED/Basic Life Saving courses and much more.

  • Has trained staff members who know SAISD policies and procedures and know who to call to facilitate the resolution of problems.

Be part of a movement that is about achieving REAL RESULTS for our students and our community! If you are already an Alliance Member, get move involved! Become a part of the monthly discussions we have with the District and join our Alliance Consultation Advisory Committee that advises our Consultation Team. For more information or to join, please email our Alliance president, Shelley Potter.


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