What is the Safe Schools Act?

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Seventeen years ago, Texas AFT, one of the Alliance’s state affiliates, launched its campaign for a Safe Schools Act to put a stop to violence on campus. In 1995, the Texas Legislature responded, by enacting laws that gave educators new tools for responding to students who are violent, abusive, or chronically disruptive. These laws give us a chance to make our schools safe and orderly, but laws must be enforced.

This law has had a major, positive impact. Since enactment in 1995, the core provisions of the law have been upheld by the courts and kept intact by the legislature. Enforcement of the Safe Schools Act will never be easy. We must all work to ensure that our schools are safe and orderly. The Alliance will continue to campaign for safe schools, and we will support our members when they act to enforce the rules.

The Safe Schools Act is contained in Chapter 37, Sections 37.001-37.022 of the Texas
Education Code. Documentation is the key to successful use of this law. For more information on the Safe Schools Act, please visit www.sanantonioalliance.org/Safe Schools Act.pdf.