What’s the protocol for excess personnel?

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 Under Administrative Procedure D9, “The campus principal or department head shall be responsible for the assignment and reassignment of all personnel to the specific grade, subject area, and position within the campus/department for which the employee is qualified.”

However, if as your administration is planning for the next school year, there are shifts in student population or budgetary cuts, there is a procedure in place that should be followed for determining what employee(s) should be reassigned. All employees declared “excess” at their current campus due to reduction will have priority over transfer requests.

For both teachers and paraprofessional, the determination will be based on:

  1. Volunteering by an employee.
  2. Certification requirements of the campus assignment.
  3. Length of continuous employee with the District.
  4. Combination of teaching and extra duties assignments that are considered single positions. (Only teachers)

Any employees reassigned due to being excessed will have:

  1. Priority in his/her request for reassignment to the school from which he/she was transferred.
  2. The employee shall not be reassigned the following year unless he/she requests a transfer.

If you are an Alliance member and your administration has told you that you are an excessed employee and you believe you should not be, please contact the Alliance Office at 210-225-7174.