Use of Leave Days

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Use of Leave Days

Every year, the Alliance office receives questions regarding use of leave days. Through our Consultation meetings with the district administration, we have worked to convey concerns and confusion that may exist with regard to use of leave days. This year, John Norman, from SAISD Human Resources, created an excellent Power Point to help explain the district’s leave day policy.

Am I prohibited from using a leave day on the “important” days listed in policy?

Discretionary leave is leave you can plan for. One of the most frequently asked questions is whether an employee can use discretionary leave on the days listed in Board Policy DEC(Local) as “important” days. The Power Point notes that while campus-based and instructionally related personnel should try to avoid absences on these “important” days, staff are not prohibited from being absent on these days.  If an employee has excessive use of discretionary absences on these days, however, that is when the employee could be subject to disciplinary action.

The presentation also notes the importance of reporting absences as soon as you know you will be absent, no matter how far in the future the absence will occur. In this way, your team, campus or worksite can plan so as to help minimize the impact of your absence.

Must I get approval from my principal or supervisor in order to use leave days?

Must I give a reason for use of personal leave days?

Another frequent question is whether employees have to request approval in order to use leave days.  Approval is not required in order for an employee to use their existing leave days. Notification of use of leave days is required but not approval. Additionally, when using personal leave days, an employee is not required to report the specific reason for the use of the leave day(s).

Do I get any credit for my leave days if I retire or resign?

Remember, if you are considering retiring or resigning, you may qualify for the district’s Employee Accumulated Leave Incentive Plan (ALIP). If you qualify, you will be reimbursed for each day of leave at a rate of $90 per day (professional employees) or $50 per day (hourly employees).

Conditions to qualify:

If retiring, you must be eligible for retirement under TRS guidelines.

If resigning, you must (1) have ten years of consecutive service with the District, (2) be employed full-time through the last workday on your calendar, and (3) submit written notice of your intent to separate no later than April 15th.

See Administrative Procedure D7 and Board Policy DEC(LOCAL) for all of the rules regarding leave days and their use.