Update on Library Assistants Positions

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Reinstating the positions of the library assistants was a priority for all seven SAISD Board members during a September 13th SAISD Board work session. Board members had asked that an item be on the October 17th meeting agenda, but the administration delayed the inclusion of the item until after the October “snapshot” is taken. The vote on the issue is scheduled for the Wed., Nov. 9 special Board meeting.

During the Alliance’s October Consultation meeting with Administration, it was discussed that if the position was reinstated a notice would go out and anyone would have the option to apply. The job description would also be modified to indicate that the library assistant would be assigned to two campuses. The schedule would coordinate with the librarian’s schedule. The goal is to ensure the library is open to all students and staff.

Some additional items to note are that the rate of pay would be the same as before, no travel allowance would be given because the position would not travel between schools on the same day, and the position might exclude some jobs like fixed assets, but might include textbooks.