Understanding the Difference between Learning Walks & Walk-Throughs

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Recently, there has been some confusion between learning/data walks and walk-throughs.

Learning/Data Walk — Can be as brief as 2-3 minutes or longer if necessary. The focus of these is professional growth and development, rather than evaluation. Feedback is provided to teachers through the District’s Data Walk System. Typically, this is not intended for or applied to the appraisal, unless the appraiser determines, based on the observation, that the learning walk should become a walk-through.

Walk-Through — Is generally 10-15 minutes, but can extend a full class period. The intent is to observe performance and collect data that may be used on the teacher’s appraisal through the use of cumulative data. Feedback is provided through the District’s Eduphoria/EASy System.

If you have additional questions about the difference between walk-throughs and learning walks, please contact the Alliance Office at 210-225-7174.