Tx AFL-CIO Recommendations for the Constitutional Amendment Propositions for the Nov 5th ballot.

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“The Texas AFL-CIO Executive Board took official action on the recommendations for the constitutional amendment propositions for the November 5th ballot. The Board voted to Support four propositions and took No Position on the remaining five.

Support Prop 1: authorizes exemptions from property tax for surviving spouses of service members who were killed in action. The exemption would end if the surviving spouse remarries.

Support Prop 2: eliminates constitutional language referring to the State Medical Education Board and the State Medical Education Fund, which was originally intended to fund forgivable medical school scholarships for doctors who serve in rural areas. These boards are already defunct and obsolete; references to these entities have already been removed in state law.

Support Prop 4: provides property tax exemption to disabled veterans whose homesteads were donated by a charity according to the percentage disability; currently, veterans who are 100 percent disabled receive exemptions.

Support Prop 6: establishes two revolving loan funds designed to implement the 2012 state water plan under House Bill 4 which includes Buy American provisions proposed by the Texas AFL CIO. The constitutional amendment simply establishes the funds known as the State Water Implementation Fund and the State Water Implementation Revenue Fund, which will be seeded with $2 billion initially, but which will hopefully funded up to $53 billion worth of projects between now and 2060.

No Position was taken on Props 3, 5, 7, 8 and 9.