TRS Bill Still Not a Fair Deal—Urge Your Legislators to Stand Firm Against SB 1458

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A bill to cut TRS benefits for hundreds of thousands of school employees could come up for a Senate vote on Friday, May 3.  Please take the opportunity NOW to write again to your senator and representative to oppose the latest version of SB 1458 and to urge the legislature to:

  • Reject the take-away of already-earned pension benefits from current employees;
  • Increase the state’s contribution rate to TRS, as recommended by TRS actuaries, to 6.9 percent in fiscal 2014 and 7.4 percent in fiscal 2015;
  • Require any increase in the employee contribution rate to be gradual and to be matched by increases in the state contribution rate; and
  • Provide an immediate benefit enhancement such as a 13th check for all retirees, not just for a small minority as proposed in SB 1458 (and its House companion, HB 1884).