Transportation funding could impact education funding

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Last week, the House approved a proposed constitutional amendment, HJR2, which would impact the method of funding transportation and education. The Senate substituted its own SJR1 for HJR2 and appointed an informal negotiating team to work out differences with the House prior to the end of the second special session on July 30.

The House and Senate would have to resolve some serious differences to approve a proposal to send to the voters next November. Senators have rejected the House-passed HJR2, and it’s unlikely there are 100 House votes (2/3’s vote to approve a constitutional amendment) for a Senate plan that sets aside a specific, “hard floor” amount of the Rainy Day Fund as untouchable for education, health care, or other budget needs. At this time, negotiations appear to hinge on whether an acceptable formula could be devised to keep a smaller variable minimum amount in the Rainy Day Fund. More