Timely Study Debunks Education “Reforms” Unworthy of the Name

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A new national study debunks the types of pseudo-reforms now on the education agenda in the Texas legislature. The study’s title states its key finding: “Market-Oriented Education Reforms’ Rhetoric Trumps Reality.” The authors, from the Broader, Bolder Approach to Education group, say that policies such as tying teacher evaluation to test scores and expanding charter schools are not effective strategies of school improvement.

The study takes a close look at these policies as implemented in Chicago, New York City, and Washington, D.C., and finds that reformers did not deliver on their promises. The authors note: “Test scores increased no more than in other large, urban districts that did not implement the same reforms, and, in most cases, increased less in the three cities’ districts.” Further, they observe: “Reforms were framed as specifically targeting low-income and minority students. But these students made less progress than similar students in other urban settings or than their counterparts in years before reforms were implemented.” We encourage you to have a look at this essential research report: see http://www.boldapproach.org/rhetoric-trumps-reality.