Texas Science Textbooks Targeted By Creationists

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Courts across the land repeatedly have rejected attempts to inject religious theories of divine creation into science texts, but that doesn’t stop folks from trying anew, especially at our State Board of Education. So sure enough, in the latest round of evaluations of proposed textbooks by the State Board, individuals appointed as reviewers by individual Board members have criticized some biology texts for including evolutionary theory without giving equal time to religiously based alternative models. One of the textbook reviewers said:  “I feel very firmly that ‘creation science’ based on Biblical principles should be incorporated in every Biology book that is up for adoption.”

At a September 17 hearing the State Board will take testimony on the science textbooks, and it would seem we are in for a replay of the evolution-versus-creationism debate that occurred when state science curriculum guidelines were adopted several years ago. (Our friends at the Texas Freedom Network advise that another hearing on the science texts has now been scheduled for November.)

You can encourage SBOE members to base their textbook decisions on sound scientific scholarship by signing onto the petition put forward by the Texas Freedom Network.