Teachers ready to use their outdoor voices at State Capitol

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Record number headed to the Austin for Lobby Day and Community Rally

Thousands of teachers, school employees, and parents will amass on the Capitol grounds Monday for the Texas AFT Lobby Day and Rally, and hundreds from AFT locals across San Antonio will be joining them.

“School employees have had enough of our students being shortchanged,” said Shelley Potter, President of the San Antonio Alliance of Teachers and Support Personnel. “The cuts-only approach made last session took $5.4 billion away from our schoolchildren. The funding is there to restore the cuts, which was about $500 per student. We are demanding that our legislators do the right thing for our children and restore the cuts by using the $8.8 billion that was leftover from the old budget or use the $11.8 billion that is in the Rainy Day Fund.”Monday’s rally follows a successful Save Texas Schools Rally on February 23rd, which generated thousands of attendees from across Texas. “Texas can do better. Our kids are our future. Let’s restore the funding and get our state back on track,” said Potter.

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The message brought to the Capitol will ask lawmakers to:

• Fully restore for 2014-15 the $5.4 billion funding that was cut by more than $500 per student last session and add enough additional funds to account for population growth and inflation. Texas can do better for our kids and our future.

• Use the $11.8 billion Rainy Day Fund, a self-replenishing stabilization fund meant to meet service needs in tough economic times or use the $8.8 billion that was leftover from the old budget.

• Say NO to Private-School Vouchers, which would divert dollars from the state treasury that could be used for our underfunded public schools. This is a bad deal for Texas taxpayers and students. 

• End the extreme emphasis on testing and test-driven sanctions.

The San Antonio Alliance of Teachers and Support Personnel represents teachers and school employees in SAISD. The San Antonio Alliance is affiliated with Texas AFT—which represents more than 65,000 teachers, paraprofessionals, support personnel, and higher-education employees across the state—and with the 1.5-million-member American Federation of Teachers. The Alliance is also affiliated, on the nationally level, with the National Education Association. On the state level, the Alliance is also affiliated with TSTA.