Teacher Contract Changes for the 2012-13 School Year

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These contract changes are for Alliance teacher and professional members: This week you will be receiving 2012-13 contracts to sign.  The Alliance wanted to alert you that there are some changes to the contracts.  The changes are not substantive, however.  They are changes that are based on changes to state law from the last legislative session and changes to align the contracts to current district practices.  The administration shared the proposed changes with the Alliance, as the Consultation organization, for our feedback.  While the administration originally planned to take the contracts to the school board for approval on May 14, they held off until May 21 in order to give us time to have the changes reviewed by our attorney and to give us time to propose revisions to some of the language.  That process was completed, some revisions to the original proposed language were made, and the contracts went to the school board on May 21.  We wanted to give you this heads up as there have been times in the past when we encouraged teachers and other professional staff not to sign contracts with new language until checking with us.  We wanted to notify you that our attorney has checked the language and the changes are not substantive so it is fine to sign the contracts.  We thank the administration for bringing the proposed changes to us for review prior to taking them to the school board and prior to sending them out to teachers and other staff. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know.