Superintendent Survey Shows Students are not Sheltered from Budget Cuts

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A recent Texas AFT survey of public school superintendents from 241 districts found that state budget cuts of $5.4 billion are having a significant impact on classroom instruction, teacher morale and help for struggling students.

“Students are not being sheltered from budget cuts, as some of the state’s leadership suggested would be the case last year when they took an axe to public education funding,” said Texas AFT President Linda Bridges. “Instead superintendents are telling us that teacher layoffs, larger class sizes and cuts in services for struggling students are
creating a stressful environment and creating concerns about how to deal with the implementation of the new standardized tests being rolled out this spring.”

As one superintendent noted, “The funds to produce a world-class educational system in Texas are there. The willingness to invest in our kids and our state is not. Cut now, pay later. Our state leadership has failed us.”

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