Student Discipline – Changes to DAEP Procedures

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Student behavior and discipline management have been major topics of discussion this school year in the Consultation meetings between the Alliance and the district administration. The short length of placements at DAEP as well as the fact that the hearing officers had been instructed by a previous administration to limit DAEP placements were both of concern.

(Mandatory DAEP placement offenses and discretionary DAEP placement offenses can be found in the SAISD Student Code of Conduct, which can be accessed via Employee Quick Links on the SAISD website.)

At the January Consultation meeting, Deputy Superintendent Dr. Peggy Stark reported that she had numerous meetings with a variety of people in order to develop a proposal to address the issues raised.  Under the proposal, DAEP placements would be longer than is currently the case. Currently DAEP placements are for 30 days, with the possibility of early release after 15 days.  Under the newly roposed guidelines, mandatory DAEP placement ffenses would range from 35-50 chool days depending on whether the offense was the first, econd, or third or more) offense.  Discretionary DAEP lacement offenses could result in 25-50 days at DAEP depending on whether the offense was the first, second, or third (or more) offense.  (Students could receive a maximum of five days early release for completing “successful days” under a point system.)  The proposal also includes standards for determining what constitutes “persistent misbehavior,” which may result in DAEP placement.

The administration proposed to institute the new procedures from February 14 until end of year to see how they work.  That “test period” will provide the opportunity to adjust the procedure before the start of next school year, if necessary.

The administration reported that around 75% of current DAEP placements are for drugs so there is a need to pursue a drug intervention program.  The district is looking for grant money for that purpose as well as looking at behavior management interventions in order to help students modify their behavior.

Discussion also occurred at the Consultation meeting about how critical the transition period is when students who have been at DAEP return to their home campus.  The importance of a re-entry conference and a transition plan were discussed.

The Alliance team raised the issue of grades for students who are at DAEP.  Dr. Stark said the administration will revisit this issue with the Curriculum and Instruction Department and the principals to determine how to adjust based on longer DAEP placements.