Statement from Texas AFT President Linda Bridges on the Texans for a Conservative Budget Coalition budget ‘roadmap’ released today:

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Texas is like a fast-growing family that needs to invest in its children and their future. Our student population grew by more than 20 percent over the past decade. Texas accounted for more than half of all enrollment growth nationwide over that span—more than 850,000 additional pupils. We continue to add roughly 80,000 more students per year to our total of nearly five million. Yet last year for the first time in living memory the state cut aid to school districts, by more than $500 per pupil, and cut key services that provided extra help for high-need students to pass state exams. Even as our student population continued to grow rapidly, these budget cuts led to the elimination of tens of thousands of teachers and other front-line providers of educational services in our schools.

The “real budget solutions” now proposed by these guardians of the 1 percent would continue to shortchange needed investments in the future of our Texas family.  These advocates are like profligate parents who would rather spend money on their own current consumption than provide for the basic needs of their children. They pretend that their solutions are all about efficiency, but their real agenda is to cut spending and disinvest in public education and other essential services. Read More