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The San Antonio Alliance of Teachers & Support Personnel has knowledgeable, trained local staff members who know SAISD policies and procedures and know who to call to facilitate the resolution of problems. To speak directly with an Alliance Staff Member, please call the Alliance Office at (210) 225-7174 or email us at

Elected Officers

Shelley Potter, San Antonio Alliance President

Rachel Martinez, San Antonio Vice President

Gracie Oviedo, San Antonio Vice President

Full-Time San Antonio Alliance Staff Members

Diana De Leon, Servicing Specialist

Katy Bravenec, Lead Organizer

Roberto Vargas, Organizer

Bernard Klinke, Organizer

Sylvia Lovelace, Professional Development Coordinator

Peggy Pena, Office Manager

Victoria Alvarado, Administrative Assistant

Part-Time San Antonio Alliance Staff Members

Elda Flores, Servicing Specialist

Hilda Cantu, Professional Development Specialist

John Cannon, Organizer

Terri Byers, Organizer

Isabel Fear, Organizer