Special Education – staff, time, communication, training

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Last May, the Alliance Special Education Action Team submitted numerous proposals to address ongoing concerns from Special Education teachers. A separate Consultation-related meeting has been scheduled to discuss the proposals, which include recommendations in the areas of staff, time, communication, and training.

Staff – Limits should be placed on the number of students for each learning environment. Teachers and paraprofessionals should not be pulled away for substituting and bus duty.

Time – Special Ed Department should shift from a caseload to work load approach and work with the Alliance to develop a workload plan for each setting. When teachers have more than two ARDs in a 4-week time period, teachers should have one school day per ARD, outside of their classroom, to work on the paperwork.

Communication – Special Ed Department should send a once monthly e-mail detailing information for Special Education teachers, organized by different job titles.  This e-mail should provide links to resources for teachers and links to Special Education Guidelines, which should be inclusive, easily accessible, and organized.

Training – Include CPI training and eSPED refresher courses for new teachers as well as veteran teachers during Professional Learning Conference.  Rising Star and Foundations of Effective Teaching training should have a Special Education Cohort.

ARD preparation, overwhelming paperwork and record keeping requirements, and scheduling challenges at the campus level have all contributed to making it increasingly difficult for Special Education teachers to meet their students’ needs. The Alliance will continue to work with Special Education teachers to advocate for solutions to these problems.