On May 7 The Texas Senate Voted To Take Away Your Freedom

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On May 7 the Texas Senate voted 20 to 11 to take away the freedom of teachers, school support personnel, and nearly all state and local public employees to make voluntary payments from their earnings, via safe and secure payroll dues deduction, to the labor, employee, or professional organizations of their choice.

The bill in question is SB 1968 by Sen. Joan Huffman (R-Houston). Sen. Huffman professes that she just wants the state “out of the business of collecting dues” for unions, but her bill would keep payroll deduction for some groups of employees that she likes and kill it for those she doesn’t like. SB 1968 would actually put the state in the business of telling teachers and other public employees who they can voluntarily support and who they cannot voluntarily support with a deduction from their paycheck. And that’s just wrong.

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