Send Condolences to Counterparts in Newtown, Connecticut

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Like all Americans, we are deeply saddened by the shooting rampage that  took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, on  Friday. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families that tragically  lost loved ones. We thank the teachers, school staff, first responders,  and health-care workers who acted heroically to prevent more lives from  being lost. Our hearts go out to the children and the entire community  of Newtown.

Send your messages of condolence and support to the students, staff, teachers and community of Newtown.  Your messages will be passed along from AFT Connecticut to our three  local affiliates in Newtown—Newtown Federation of Teachers, Local 1727;  Newtown Federation of Custodians, Local 3924; and Newtown Federation of  Education Personnel, Local 3785—and shared with the entire community.

Please help us make sure the people of Newtown see, hear, and feel our support. Leave your messages of condolence and support for those affected by this tragic event.

For resources on dealing with incidents of school violence, including how to talk to children about these events, click here.