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Our Alliance:

  • Represents all non-administrative employees in the SAISD in the Consultation process.
  • Is the ONLY organization that spoke out in support of a salary increase for the 2013-14 school year.
  • Is the ONLY organization to work on holding down health insurance costs for SAISD employees.
  • Represents employees’ interests in all SAISD school board meetings, where decisions that affect you and your students are made.
  • Lobbies at the local, state, and national levels for policies favorable to students and employees.

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  1. Please contact me. I’m interested in wanting to be a member. I’m a teacher’s aide (instructional assistant) (for SAISD). Phone number is: 806-441-6006.

  2. Hi,
    I would love to join your teachers union, I am working right now at New Frontiers Charter. org. I am trying to become fully certified this comming year, I enrolled to Texas Teachers and already had my first observation from them. My evaluation was almost perfect, I am teaching two classes of Spanish seven and eight graders. I am also co-teaching with a third grade children and doing other different duties.

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