SAISD School Board upholds elected Consultation

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On May 12th, the SAISD Board voted unanimously to deny the ATPE grievance, which ATPE filed with the goal of abolishing elected Consultation in SAISD.  Alliance president Shelley Potter and attorney Martha Owen presented on behalf of the Alliance.  The Alliance thanks the large group of members and community supporters who turned out for the hearing and thanks our attorney, Martha Owen, for her excellent counsel.

Elected Consultation is the procedure by which employees are given the right, through a fair, democratic process, to elect a representative organization through which employees speak with one, strong voice.  The organization elected has the obligation and responsibility to represent all employees, covered under the policy, in the Consultation process.

Every two years there is the opportunity, under the SAISD policy, for any organization to gather signatures from employees to call for an election.  ATPE has chosen not to utilize this process.

During Monday night’s grievance, ATPE argued in favor of a process that puts all organizations at the Consultation table, whether they have been elected by the employees or not.  (This would be akin to allowing all candidates who run for school board to be on the school board whether they get elected or not.)  The Alliance argued for the right of employees to use a fair, democratic process to elect a representative organization.

As the elected Consultation organization, the Alliance will continue to solicit input on Consultation issues from all employees, whether they are members or not, as per the SAISD Consultation policy and will continue to report to you on the consultation meetings.