SAISD Board approves salaries for 2016-17

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On Monday night, the SAISD Board of Trustees approved salaries for the 2016-17 school year.

Paraprofessional and Classified Employees:

The Board took an important first step toward a living wage for support personnel. The minimum pay for support personnel will increase from $10 an hour to $12 an hour — a 20% increase. There will be a ripple effect on other salaries up to $14 an hour ranging from 2.3% to 20% of the midpoint for the job grouping. From $14 an hour and up, there will be an increase of 2% of the midpoint for the job grouping.

The starting pay for the following positions is currently below $11 per hour: bus monitor, custodian, porter, bus driver assistant, cook, groundskeeper, assistant head custodian (High School), construction helper, custodial crew leader, delivery truck driver, and Food Service assistant manager. There are currently 586 employees making below $12 an hour. There are another 874 employees making between $12 and $14 an hour.

The San Antonio Alliance, along with COPS/Metro Alliance, has been pushing for a minimum salary of $13 an hour with the ultimate goal of moving to $15 an hour. While $13 an hour as a minimum is where we would like to be, the increase to $12 from the current $10 is substantial movement. The Alliance and COPS/Metro will continue to work together toward the goal of $15 an hour for all paraprofessionals and classified employees.

Teachers, Librarians, RNs:

Teachers, librarians, and RNs will receive a minimum 2% increase of actual salary. Starting pay will increase to $51,500.

All Other Employees:

All other employees will receive an increase of 2% to the midpoint for their job grouping.

Longevity Stipend:

The district will continue the practice of a $500 longevity stipend for employees upon completion of 15 years of service with the district.