Running Records

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The Alliance Team took to Consultation the many issues that have come up regarding the District’s implementation of running records.  The Team raised concerns regarding the deadline for completing the initial assessment, the lack of necessary kits, and the amount of clicks and paper needed for implementation.

The SAISD Literacy Department has agreed to extend the deadline for the Beginning of the Year Assessment (BOY) to October 25th, which is the end of the nine weeks.  The department also agreed to inventory kits at schools to check on whether schools have sufficient materials.  Additionally, the department will provide a case of paper (5000 sheets) for each campus to help with the needed paper supply.  Alliance leaders are following up regarding the need for additional paper for larger campuses.

Elementary teachers were informed this year that they would have to use the Fontas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System for running records.  A running record allows a teacher to assess a student’s reading performance as s/he reads from a benchmark book.

The Alliance Consultation Team will continue to monitor and advocate on this issue.  Please contact your Alliance Rep or the Alliance Office if you have questions or need additional assistance with this issue.