Revenue Coalition Challenges Arbitrary Cap on State Spending Growth

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The Texas Forward revenue coalition, which includes Texas AFT and a host of other education, health, and human-services groups, has released the following statement in response to the Texas Legislative Budget Board’s vote last week setting a spending-growth limit of 10.7 percent for the 2014-15 Texas budget:

“The Legislative Budget Board’s (LBB) spending cap artificially limits opportunities for Texas families. The pledge of some Senate members of the LBB to hold spending even lower–not even keeping pace with population growth and inflation–would make matters worse. With billions of dollars in additional revenue above the comptroller’s forecasts pouring into state coffers, our state lawmakers should be making plans to undo the detrimental cuts to education, health care, and protection of our natural resources enacted last year. At least House members of the LBB were sensible enough not to echo the pledge to tighten the budget straitjacket proposed by Senate leaders, but Texans have a right to expect much more from their legislature. We need Texas lawmakers and leaders to move Texas forward again. They must stop hoarding revenue and start making the investments needed to help hardworking Texans build a prosperous future for our state.”