Protect Our Pensions: Take Action Now

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On Wednesday, September 12, the Texas House Pensions Committee will examine local and state public pension systems for all workers in schools, colleges, cities, counties, and state agencies. You can be sure the enemies of public pensions will show up and be heard. The facts are not on their side, but behind them are powerful private interests that stand to profit if the state moves toward their pet idea—turning efficient public retirement systems with guaranteed benefits for all into inefficient individual retirement accounts that can be wiped out by market crashes and eroded by fees charged by private money managers.

You need to make sure state legislators hear your voice now, before the 2013 session where this threat to pensions could loom large if we fail to act. As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Send your state senator and state representative a letter to let them know that you support strong, secure defined-benefit retirement plans for employees in public schools and higher education and for all public workers in Texas. Just such a letter is ready and waiting for you to send from the Texas AFT Web site. After you send the letter, we also encourage you to call your legislators on this toll-free line to the state capitol at 888-836-8368.