Private Panel Misses the Mark on Teacher Evaluations, Salaries

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The private Educate Texas organization, with funding from assorted private foundations seeking changes in education policy, set up a “teaching commission” last year to work on recommendations for change in teacher recruitment, evaluation, compensation, and retention. The recommendations came out yesterday—emphatically without the support of Texas AFT (or for that matter of any other statewide teacher organization).

Texas AFT Secretary-Treasurer Louis Malfaro, who represented our organization in the Educate Texas discussions, recently wrote to the leaders of the Educate Texas commission to end Texas AFT’s participation, explaining that “Texas AFT is fundamentally in disagreement with significant and substantive portions of the Educate Texas teaching commission recommendations.”

Malfaro noted that the commission’s recommendations fail to call for “the needed new investments that a renewed focus on teaching quality requires.” Read More