Pre-Filed Bills Address Class Size, Student Health and Fitness

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State Rep. Carol Alvarado, a Houston Democrat, on Thursday pre-filed five education-related bills. Two relate to class size, two to graduation requirements, and one to required physical activity in middle school.

Alvarado’s HB 273 would extend state law’s requirement of a 22-to-1 pupil-teacher ratio to fifth grade. Currently the 22-to-1 cap applies only in grades K-4. Her HB 274 would require school districts receiving a waiver of the class-size cap to report the number of students added to each class affected and the resulting total number of students in the class.

Alvarado’s HB 275 would add a requirement of an additional half-credit of physical education for graduation under the recommended or advanced graduation plan. Her HB 276 would add a half credit of health to the required course work for the recommended or advanced plan.

HB 277 by Alvarado addresses required physical activity in grades 6-8. Current law calls for 30 minutes of physical exercise for at least four semesters during these three grades; the Alvarado bill would require such moderate or vigorous exercise throughout each school year in grades 6-8.