Paperwork Reduction

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Time for teachers to prepare/plan and evaluate student work is a vital part of getting real results for students.  Unnecessary and/or redundant paperwork wastes valuable time that teachers could use to more effectively meet student needs. At the February Consultation meeting, the Alliance team proposed the creation of a joint subcommittee from Consultation to work on reducing redundant paperwork and reducing the length and number of reports required of teachers.

The last paperwork audit in the district occurred in 2008. At that time, the Alliance proposed the creation of a “gatekeeper” process to review documents that departments submit for teachers to complete and match it to the criteria based in policy and bring it to Consultation to review for redundancy, length and a teacher perspective.  The district has agreed to work with the Alliance in the creation of such a process.

We are unwavering in our effort to reduce the required paperwork being imposed on teachers. Together we can make teaching our students the priority rather than paperwork