Middle School “Flex” Period

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The Alliance Team presented data from a recent survey of middle school teachers asking for feedback on use of the “flex time” that was instituted in district middle schools this school year.

Survey results showed:

  • 57% of the 191 respondents disagreed or strongly disagreed that the “flex time” period is being used as a timely and tailored intervention for students. 
  • 50% of the respondents reported that during “flex time” they are using a standard curriculum developed by a team of teachers. 
  • 55% of the respondents said there is no clear process for moving students into remediation or enrichment during the “flex time”. 

Mona Lopez, Assistant Superintendent for MS, noted that campuses are responsible for providing a plan for the use of the flex time, and they must report at 3-week intervals on its effectiveness.  The Alliance will share the campus breakdown of the survey results with Ms. Lopez so that she can determine what issues cut across all the campuses and which ones are campus-specific.