Lobby Day 2013: Change Starts with You!

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In the last legislative session, public schools in Texas endured an unprecedented assault on their funding. Teachers and all school employees faced ongoing attacks on their long established rights. Those in control at the capitol undermined quality standards, and they continued to distort the educational process by maintaining excessive emphasis on high-stakes standardized testing as the centerpiece of state education policy.

They seized on an apparent fiscal crisis caused by recession, and by their own blunders, to enact a destructive agenda: cutting $5.4 billion from public education, forcing mass layoffs and pay freezes, inflating class sizes, and chopping vital programs such as full-day pre-kindergarten. They downgraded education opportunity for students and eroded fairness and respect for education employees.

We are committed to halting the destruction and getting public education back on track. Are you with us? Spend the day with the Alliance during Spring Break on Monday, March 11, 2013 – join hundreds of your colleagues from around the state at the Texas Capitol for the largest rally of school employees of the legislative session. Seats are limited. Sign up by February 22, 2013. The cost of the trip is $5. This includes a roundtrip bus ride and lunch. Send a check with this form to the Alliance Office via “pony” mail, U.S. Mail, or bring to the Alliance office at 120 Adams St. Click here to download the form.

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