Library Assistants: Top Priority for SAISD School Board Members

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During a September 13th SAISD Board work session, Board members gave their top three priorities for budget enhancements.  All seven SAISD Board members included reinstating library assistants, at the schools that only have a librarian part time, as one of their top three priorities. Taken as a whole, reinstatement of the library assistants was the top priority. Since the meeting was a work session, not a Board meeting, no action could be taken.  Alliance leaders anticipate the issue coming for a vote at the October 17th school board meeting.

Librarians at split campuses had contacted the Alliance to express workload concerns and concerns about the library not being available for students and staff. Thirty-six schools in SAISD do not have a librarian assigned full time.  Eighteen librarians cover those 36 schools. Since the district eliminated the library assistant position, these 36 school libraries are not staffed half of the time. Additionally, librarians in many schools have been assigned textbook duties, which takes additional time away from library

The Alliance is the only organization to have met with and organized librarians and library assistants to address their concerns.