Let’s get testing under control

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Last school year, after conducting a survey on excessive testing and holding a forum to hear from teachers, the Alliance formed the Excessive Testing Task Force with the goal of decreasing the number of tests administered to our students so that teachers can spend more time on instruction.

The task force requested that the district compile a list of required tests and include the rationale for each test, who is responsible for administering each test, which department, grant, or entity requires each test, and how data from the test will be used. 

At the September Consultation meeting, SAISD Curriculum and Instruction specified what they are requiring.  The next step will be to determine who requires the other assessments on the list and their purpose.

Via the Alliance survey and forum, teachers have strongly stated that testing has a proper place in the teaching and learning process, but reducing our children to a number and treating them as though they are standardized is not appropriate or acceptable.