It’s Your Paycheck

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Don’t Let the State Legislature Take Away Your Paycheck Freedom!

Alliance Members:

We are coming down to the wire at the State Capitol and SB 1968 – the Payroll Deduction Threat bill is still alive and kicking.  If this bill passes, the Legislature would strip away your freedom to pay your Alliance dues by payroll deduction. It’s your paycheck, and you should be the one to decide how you use it, not the Texas Legislature.  

We need all members to contact their State Rep today, tomorrow, or Friday. It will only take you a minute to make the call. Go to this web site, put in your home address, and get the name and phone # for your State Rep: . Here is the message to deliver:

“I am a teacher (school employee) who lives and votes in your district.  I am asking you to vote NO on SB 1968 which would take away my personal freedom to pay my professional organization dues by payroll deduction.  It’s my paycheck and it should be my decision about how I use it.  Please respect my economic freedom and vote NO on SB 1968.  Thank you!”

I know it is a very busy time of year. The people who want to pass this bill know that, too, and are counting on you not taking action. Please prove them wrong. Make the call.

Thank you,

Shelley Potter, Alliance President