It’s Time To VOTE!

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Turnout in San Antonio City elections is typically between 5% and 12%. That’s dismal to say the least. Early voting in the runoff for San Antonio Mayor began on Monday and continues through Tuesday, June 9th. Election Day is Saturday, June 13th. Our union encourages you, as educators and role models for the students we serve, to vote in this runoff. It’s important that we exercise our civic responsibility. So many have sacrificed in order for us to be able to cast our ballot. Please vote in this election.

Some of our members have asked whether the Alliance has endorsed in this race. Our local endorsements usually focus on school board members and state legislators because of their impact on education issues. In recent years, however, even though the Mayor and City Council have no direct control over independent school districts, they have begun to influence the direction of education in other ways. While we understand that there are many issues that may be important to individuals, when our union endorses, we focus first on education issues and secondarily on labor issues and issues effecting working families.

Based on education issues, our union has endorsed Leticia Van de Putte. Van de Putte has a long track record in the Texas Legislature of supporting public education. Ivy Taylor, on the other hand, has demonstrated that she strongly supports the privatization of public schools via corporate charters and is receiving significant financial support from entities and individuals who are pro-corporate charter. We do not want a mayor who would try to pressure SAISD to turn schools over to corporate charters.

Again, we understand that there may be many issues on which you base your personal voting decision. While we hope you will strongly consider voting for Leticia Van de Putte, our most important message is to exercise your right and responsibility to vote.

Click here for early voting locations.