Is Your School in Need of Repair?

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On Thursday September 8th, President Obama laid out a bold plan to address our nation’s persistent economic problems. Through the American Jobs Act, at least 35,000 schools would be modernized, putting people to work.

In light of the president’s focus on repairing and modernizing schools and colleges, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) are updating their database of schools in need of repairs. The AFT started this work a few years ago as part of the union’s Building Minds, Minding Buildings campaign. Since then, it’s likely that even more schools and colleges have fallen into disrepair.

If you are in preK-12: Nominate two or three schools or early childhood facilities in your district that are examples of schools that could take immediate advantage of these
funds to repair substandard facilities. Your district probably keeps a facilities repair list that you can request.

To nominate your school, please contact the San Antonio Alliance at 225-7174.