Internal Charters Begin at Some SAISD Schools with Alliance Guidance

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On August 22, as SAISD began the 2011-12 school year, our Alliance Innovation Fund Grantee schools launched their internal charter schools. The schools include: Highland Park Critical Thinking Internal Charter School, Rhodes Technology and Media Internal Charter School, and Travis Early College High School.

In October 2009, the Alliance won a $150,000 AFT Innovation Fund Grant to grow student enrollment in SAISD and encourage schools to consider becoming internal charter schools as a way to unleash their creativity. During year one of the Innovation Fund, the Alliance held an Internal Charter Schools Conference to educate campus teams about the potential and process. Highland Park ES, Rhodes MS, and Travis Early College HS began the application process to become internal charters. These schools presented to the SAISD
School Board in October 2010 and were officially approved by the Board as SAISD internal charter schools. An internal charter school is a school that has a contract between the school and the school board allowing innovative instructional programming, local autonomy and decision making, and exemption from instructional/academic rule and policies as spelled out in the contract or “charter.”

In October 2010, the Alliance was approved for another year of the Innovation Fund. During year two, the Alliance focused on marketing assistance to the three internal charters and held a “Marketing Your School Conference”. In addition to our Innovation Fund Grantees schools, other campuses attended the conference to learn how to market their campus and grow student enrollment.

The Alliance wishes our Innovation Fund Grantee schools the best as they launch their internal charter schools.