Intercoms for campus kitchens

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There has been ongoing discussion about the need for intercoms in campus kitchens for safety purposes.  Food Service personnel have asked how they would be notified when an emergency arises, such as a lockdown situation.  Ideally, kitchen staff would be able to hear the intercom warning when the whole school is notified.  However, there are still a few schools that do not have a working intercom system in the kitchen area thus leaving the kitchen staff exposed to the danger at large.

Sally Cody, Executive Director of Food and Child Nutrition Services, stated that some schools lack sufficient wiring to have intercoms and said new data lines would have to be laid, which would be costly. Toni Thompson will check with Marcos Zorola, Chief Information Officer, to get details to bring back to the January meeting. 

Plant Operations administration suggested that the porters be the liaison to the kitchen staff in case of an emergency until a more permanent solution can be found.  Porters will be notified of this new duty at their January training.  For those campuses without porters, custodial staff will take on this responsibility.

In an effort to reach a viable solution, the Alliance has offered to sit down with Food Services and Plant Operations administrators to speed the process along.  If you have any questions, concerns, or possible solutions, please call the Alliance at (210)225-7174.