Guidelines for Discipline Referrals

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Revised Student Code of Conduct now on SAISD website: Student behavior and discipline continue to be a major focus of discussions between the Alliance and the SAISD administration.  Last school year, the SAISD Discipline Task Force updated the SAISD Student Code of Conduct (SCOC) by aligning offenses of similar seriousness.  The new SCOC is now on the district website.  (Go to Employee Quick Links and then Student Code of Conduct.)

Teachers and other staff may want to review the new SCOC since they are responsible for writing a discipline referral when a student violates the SCOC.  Administrative Procedure F-11 states: “Staff members shall document student violation of the SAISD Student Code of Conduct by filing a written report with the principal or other appropriate administrator not to exceed one page. The Discipline Referral [FORM F11-B] serves this purpose and shall be completed by staff members.”

(SAISD Administrative Procedures can be found under Employee Quick Links.)

The administrative procedure also clarifies that teachers are not required to complete the “Action Taken” section of the referral.  Teachers would complete that section if they have taken some sort of previous action so that the administrator has a complete picture of the situation, but the teacher is not required to take previous action in order to submit the referral.  Specifically, the procedure states: “Staff members may provide the principal or other appropriate administrator information regarding previous actions by the teacher or appropriate staff in the identified section on the Discipline Referral [FORM F11-B] and are designated as T1 – T 6. This information provides the administrator with a more clear understanding of appropriate actions to take and consequences to access in a given situation. This section is not required for a referral to be accepted by a principal or other appropriate administrator.”

The procedure also gives the timeline for contacting the parent and for returning the discipline referral to the teacher or staff members who submitted it.

“The principal or other appropriate administrator shall hold a conference with the parent by phone or in person within 24 hours of the incident. The administrator shall send a copy of this report (by email, fax, mail, or delivery home with the student) to the parents or guardians of the student and shall also provide a copy to the submitting teacher or staff member within 5 school days. The administrator shall deliver the copy of the referral to the parent during the in-person conference, if one is held. Otherwise, the administrator shall mail a copy to the parent.”

The Discipline Referral template and form, including a version in Spanish, are available on the district website.  The template allows for employees to complete a referral electronically.  To access the template or form, go to Employee Quick Links, then Administrative Procedures (log in there), and then go to Forms.

Please feel free to notify the Alliance Office, 210-225-7174, regarding any concerns about the Discipline Referral guidelines.