Grievance to abolish Consultation goes to School Board on May 12

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Earlier this school year, the president of the San Antonio ATPE filed a grievance seeking to abolish the SAISD Consultation policy. The grievance hearing before the SAISD School Board has been set for Monday, May 12th at 5:30 p.m. at the Board Room at Burnet Center, 406 Barrera St.

Eliminating the SAISD Consultation policy would weaken employees’ voices. SAISD has had a Consultation policy for 40 years. This long-established policy is the most effective such policy in the state. Elected Consultation is a structured process that provides a means by which the school board may consult with district employees on matters concerning educational policy and conditions of employment. Consultation gives employees the right to elect an organization as their representative.  The elected organization is then responsible for representing the perspective of ell employees, not just members, in regular Consultation meetings with the administration. 

Elected Consultation is allowed, but not required, under state law, and most districts in Texas deny their employees this right. The concept of an elected organization is vital to helping ensure that the voice of employees in the Consultation process will be strong, not diluted. Also, accountability to the employees being represented can best be accomplished via a democratically-elected organization.

Every two years there is the opportunity for any employee organization to gather signatures from employees to call for an election. The Alliance is the Consultation organization as a result of a democratic election by the employees.

As the current Consultation organization, the Alliance filed, and was granted, a “request to intervene” in the grievance. At the hearing, both ATPE and the Alliance will present to the Board.

If you support a strong voice for SAISD employees, please attend Monday’s Board hearing.