General Election Endorsement

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The November 6th election is of vital importance to Texas school employees and the students we serve.  In January 2013, the Texas Legislature will convene.  Those who we elect as State Senators and State Reps will be making decisions that will have a huge impact on public education in our state.  Last session, a total of $5.4 billion was cut from public schools, even though there was money available in the “Rainy Day Fund” that could have been used to minimize the cuts. This session we already know there are some who want to further cut public education rather than restore the funding that was cut last session. We also know that there will be an assault on the Texas Teacher Retirement System and a full-on attempt to pass a voucher bill that would further gut public education.

We understand that you may take many factors and many issues into account as you make your voting decisions.  We encourage you to take into account which candidates will support adequate and equitable funding for public schools and which candidates will help to protect your pension and oppose vouchers.  The Alliance’s state affiliates — TSTA and Texas AFT — have endorsed in State Senate and State Rep races based on education issues that impact you and your students.  You may review those endorsements at the following links: