Foundations & MAB Classes Scheduled for 2012

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The Alliance co-sponsors professional developments opportunities with SAISD. Two of the classes that are set for 2012 are the Foundations of Effective Teaching course and the Managing Antisocial Behavior (MAB) course. Both courses are free and you can register for either on epath.

Foundations of Effective Teaching-The course is facilitated by current SAISD teachers who understand the classroom. The course provides 28-30 hours of CPE credit for certificate renewal. SAISD provide a substitute for you on the four days that you participate in the course. Foundations provides you with the opportunity to network with other new teachers. It also helps you make connections between topics so that you can fully integrate the ideas and concepts into your classroom practice.

Dates: FDN112 (All Saturdays) 1/21, 2/18, 3/31, 4/21 FDN212 (Tuesdays) 1/10, 1/31, 2/29 (Day 4 will be Online).

Managing Antisocial Behavior-Is an ER&D module that presents the most recent research on antisocial behavior and provides educators with effective strategies for managing antisocial behavior across a number of learning environments. The module reviews what is found in the ED&D Beginning of the Year Classroom Management and takes the research to the next level for students who do not respond to basic prevention through effective classroom management. MAB will provide teachers and support staff with the information, tools and skills they need to prevent a great deal of antisocial behavior and/or to manage much this behavior when it arises.

Dates: MAB112 2/11 and 3/24 MAB212 4/14 and 5/4.

For more information on the courses, please contact Sylvia Lovelace at the Alliance Office at 210-225-7174 or via email at