Food Service Employees Speak Out at Tuesday’s School Board Meeting

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On Tuesday December 13th, SAISD food service employees spoke to the SAISD School Board members at the school board meeting at the Burnet Center. Food service employees talked to school board members about the additional custodial duties SAISD has placed on them due to budget cuts which eliminated custodial positions and reallocated some to custodial work crews.

In September, the San Antonio Alliance filed a group grievance on behalf of food service employees against SAISD over safety concerns related to new duties placed on the employees this school year. These new duties present risks of on-the-job injuries from heavy lifting, pulling, and pushing. The risk of injury is heightened by pressure to rush to complete the new duties, as well as the regular food service tasks, in the same amount of time as prior to the addition of the new duties. The additional duties are substantially different from the job descriptions in place as the time the food service employees applied for their positions.

In addition to concerns about the safety of the employees, there are concerns about the risk of food contamination. The Alliance is the only organization helping food service employees to organize and advocate on these concerns.